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By Vicky Anderson on Apr 13, 08 09:14 PM


IN celebration of last week's Raw Wrestlemania Revenge Tour at the Liverpool Arena, a look at the lighter side of the WWE

When people find out I have a bit of a soft spot for the old WWE, they tend to make the assumption I'm only tuning in to have a bit of a perv at the hunky men in tight shorts. What an aspersion on my gender!


I mean, are we females really that two dimentional?


Honestly, what do you take me for!


Perving at the hunky men in tight shorts is, of course, a bonus. Because what honestly piqued my interest in all things WWE is the fact that it is actually, knowingly incredibly funny.

Wrestling is fake, is the common criticism. But that's no reason to dismiss it out of hand - and has, in a way, quite possibly become its raison d'etre over the years. It's daft, certainly. Occasionally dubious, for sure. But what people always overlook is that for decades the WWE has been hamming it up like nobody's business with some of the most over-the-top, absurdly scripted soap opera plotlines in between matches, acted out by wrestlers who often have wonderfully spot-on comic timing. I mean it!

I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of Vince McMahon. After all, he is quite a scary business type and could probably have people killed. But I think he could be one of my comedy heroes.

Now, I have taken far too far too long trying to source a few clips of acceptable length to prove my point - I have been rickrolled several times along the way - and I've wasted a bit too much of my life. But anyway:

Here's the legend that is Mick Foley, who took on many guises, most famously the loveable but rather insane Mankind, known for getting battered over the head with chairs and creating a little puppet he called Mr Socko:

Here's what happens when four enemies with a history of rather tasteless double dealings are forced to get along (it's the mannequin line that gets me here):

Again, Triple H shows that buff men can deadpan:

The Rock and Chris Jericho do a bit of male bonding, and it's a beautiful beautiful thing:

Steve Austin - not the most honourable of dudes in or out of the ring, a bit of a scumbag to be fair, but can he work a crowd:

Finally, a bit of dubious rapping from wrestler John Cera. I include this just to show how near-the-knuckle - and beyond, for that matter - the WWE will go in persuit of dodgy laughs:

So am I wrong, people? Am I wrong?


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triple H is so sexy

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