Wimbledon japes from CBBC's Hacker the dog

By Vicky Anderson on Jul 9, 09 09:36 AM


WIMBLEDON - not often very funny. So praise be for a little puppet doggy who caused a an inimitable form of havoc down at SW19...

Oh, us children of the Eighties, swaggering about like we invented children's television. The broom cupboard, Philip Schofield, Gordon the Gopher, Ed the Duck, Andi Peters and Andy EH?

Children's programming at the Beeb may have changed, got its own stations and gone all digital and whatnot, but current mascot Hacker the dog is clearly much funnier than anything that has come before. He can talk, for a start. Well, kind of.

I was introduced to him over the weekend and can't seem to stop watching his hunt through Wimbledon to find Sue Barker, nor stop singing his lovely little Sue Barker song. So if you're feeling a bit silly, and while it's still vaguely topical, I give you Hacker the dog:

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