Curb Your Enthusiasm? Exactly, etc

By Vicky Anderson on Oct 16, 09 02:54 PM


Curb Your Enthusiasm has become a laugh-free zone THERE I SAID IT

Season seven of Curb has begun on British TV (More 4). I've scanned a few US sites for an idea of how it's gone down and it seems to have been typically very well received, which is pretty much what you'd expect. And, of course, any fule no that this series includes the long-heralded Seinfeld reunion, and you wouldn't want to mess with that if you didn't know what you were doing.

But so far, so bad. It's all gone horribly wrong. The season premiere had everything curling as I cringed my way through 30 painful minutes - and not in the usual Curb way.

This was laboured, this was obvious and the set ups were far too deliberate. There was, as always, good and funny performances (thumbs up as always to the brilliant Catherine O'Hara, who turns up as Marty Funkhauser's sister), but even Susie was boxed in by the limits of some horribly contrived plot turns.


Surely Susie and Larry would have mellowed out and stopped being so aggressively ascerbic with each other by now? Sure, their conflicts have always been the stuff of legend, but poor old Susie Essman seemed bored out of her mind, and as soon as she told Larry she wouldn't say who else was coming to her dinner party, the already fatigued viewer knew full well the table was bound to be populated with everyone he would manage to piss off over the course of the episode, and a rude and uncomfortable scene would ensue.

I can see how Larry wanting to dump Lorretta before she is diagnosed with cancer is classic Curb dark humour, but it just seemed a bit too gauche even for this show.

This episode was full of lame set ups for misunderstanding and abuse, and at this early point, just a shadow of its usual self. Perhaps familiarity has started to breed contempt. This opener played out like self-parody. I still have faith and await the entrance of the old Seinfeld gang with interest but this - after the unforgettable ending of season six - left a lot to be desired.

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