Rawhide Raw - Liverpool's only open mic night

By Vicky Anderson on Jan 19, 10 10:13 AM

The city's only amateur stand up night, Raw moves house and goes weekly


Host with the most Sam Avery explains: "Raw was such a success story back when Rawhide was in Prohibition and then again at the Royal Court that we've been wanting to take it weekly again for about 18 months.

"It was selling out every time but wasn't able to go weekly due to various scheduling reasons with the venues. Then the new Baa Bar on Myrtle Street came along and the big-wigs at Rawhide saw the room they had and it was a no-brainer - it's the perfect size and shape for comedy, and being right in the student area doesn't do any harm either.

"I think the reason it's been so successful is that the audience can get involved with voting off the acts. That way everyone plays a part in the proceedings. And we've unearthed some proper little gems over the last couple of years so we hope to continue that at Baa Bar.

"Manchester's had a weekly night like this for ages so it's great to be able to do it here, as it provides an important stepping stone for promising new local acts. It also performs a vital role for the city centre - keeping various maniacs off the street for a night as they attempt to make people laugh."

"There'll be the usual 2 up and coming acts opening the show before the gong (Paul Smith and Liam Bolton this week), and bottles are dirt cheap (I think £1), plus free shots given out to everyone on entry, to ensure everything will be just that bit funnier.

"There'll also be the usual 'Best of Rawhide Raw' in the Comedy Festival in May. They still won't let me do a 'Worst of' unfortunately."

See for yourself every Tuesday at Baa Bar on Myrtle Street, doors 7.30pm for an 8.30pm start. Entry is £3, or follow Rawhide Raw on Facebook and Twitter.

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