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Cleese got no shame

By Vicky Anderson on May 27, 10 07:38 PM



Metal god Ronnie James Dio died this week. An all-round gent with a lovely and amusing way with words, he also inspired some pretty top notch comic parodies too. Let us take a trip down (YouTube) memory lane...


These puns won't write themselves, you know

Magic! Scousers! Lesbians! Is there ever a typical night in the 'Pool?

I slept on it before deciding to declare this possibly the best stand up show I have ever seen

Richard Herring - Hitler Moustache - poster shot.JPG

A night where Robin Ince is the first act on before Richard Herring is a good night

Our man Mark Cutler wades into the comedy festival's own parallel universe...

A submariner with a few exciting stories up his sleeve added a different dimension to the fest.


Thursday (May 13) sees the Funny Women Awards return to Liverpool for the first time in three years.


Two totally different acts set the scene for the Unity's contribution to the comedy fest


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