We're getting a Jongleurs

By Vicky Anderson on Jun 2, 10 07:55 PM

Putting an end to about a gazillion years of speculation... possibly

It's been on, then off, gone bust, been reclaimed, and now it's on again. And we don't know where yet. Or when. But it's official that finally, as part of a £2m expansion across the country, that the comedy club heavyweight is on its way to town.

The scant reporting in the Daily Post gives away little - actually, completely nothing - aside from the press release party line in full, and a happy and meaningless quote from the gaffer about the "complete comedy and entertainment experience". The official Jongleurs website isn't saying much either at this point.

One thing that is interesting though, is the comments from the punters - one describing Jongleurs with scorn as "the Tescos of comedy" and the other arguing the club will complement the city's existing scene.

So what happens next? When will it open? Will it take up residency in an already established venue, or open its own building? If I remember rightly, a few years ago the area around Concert Square where Cube is now was muted as a home for Jongleurs, but that all fell through. Will it go all the way this time?

So our teeny tiny straw poll of comments already shows a 50:50 split. I wonder how Jongleurs will fit in with our already pretty busy comedy club scene. Your thoughts, ladies and germs?

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